Only 25 days in….

Good evening from Kenya! Hope you all have had a bit better of a Monday than me. Well, the Monday wasn’t necessarily bad, it was the preceding night that was rough. Well, it was bound to happen, and 25 days in, I finally got sick. I was up most of the night Sunday with stomach ills, so I got very little sleep. It had to have been something I ate as I have not been febrile, and today, I’ve been mostly ok. No clue as I pretty much had nothing but fruit for dinner last night, but that seemed to have been the issue. So, with very little sleep, and my stomach still doing flips and turns, I tried to prepare myself for a busy Monday.

We ended up having a slower Monday than 2 of the last three: only 13 patients total.
The morning started off with a kid who had fallen yesterday and broken his front teeth… of which needed a root canal. So that was the start of this Monday. I also had one really difficult partially impacted wisdom tooth that gave me some trouble, but otherwise, everything else went about as smoothly as one could hope. I did 11 extractions, 2 fillings, the 1 root canal, 1 uncooperative kid, and one consult. The worst part was that my stomach issues would fluxuate—and mostly seemed to be brought on by getting overheaded. Which doesn’t take much here due to the immense heat. I tried to stay hydrated with water as best I could—we don’t have access to Gatorade or things like that. By lunchtime, I felt ok enough to eat a little bit of food, so I had some rice and a little bit of the spinach/onion/carrot/potato mix Dennis made. I debated back and forth all day about going to the camp for dinner, but other than the occasional “roll”, my stomach had been fine since lunch (and I was actually hungry), so I decided to go and just eat what I felt like eating. I had onion soup, a vegetable pancake (essentially a veggie crepe), rice, and a little bit of lemon cake. I tried not to eat too much in hopes that my stomach stays good.

Our afternoon was fairly slow, so around 2:30 I actually came back up to the apartment and was able to lie down for a bit, which I also think has helped me. I decided not to go to market with William today as I didn’t need to buy anything, and I just really didn’t feel like dealing with the roads with my stomach was going to be a good idea. I spent the rest of the afternoon finishing “The Devil in the White City”. It was a very interesting book, and I feel like Larson did a great job of detailing the men behind the Chicago World Fair in 1893 as well as covering the H.H. Holmes side of the fair. Finishing this book means I completed all 4 books that I intended to complete while I was here. I also have volume 1 of the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, but that’s like a 1100 page book, so I’m not planning to finish it while I’m here.

There’s another big thunderstorm rolling in right now. William said we’re about to be to the start of rainy season, so I may see daily rain during this last week of my stay. Although I will need to do laundry Wednesday, so I’m hoping we don’t have any that night so that I can get everything packed on Thursday. These thunderstorms are nice to listen to, and I’ve noticed that none of them have had lightning. I’m pretty sure they have lightning here in Kenya, but just an interesting note that I’ve not witnessed any.

Since I didn’t get much sleep last night, my plan is to have an early night tonight. Hopefully I can get a good night’s rest tonight, and be back to 100% tomorrow. I’m probably at about 75% right now, so very vast improvement from 24 hours ago for sure. I do not want anyone to worry—it really appears to have been just a bad meal, and I’m much better at the end of the day than I was at the beginning. So sorry this entry wasn’t all that exciting, but with me feeling under the weather today, I didn’t do much extraneous interacting. I’ll try to have more for you all tomorrow.

3 more days of clinic, then the travel homeward begins! Let’s home we end the adventure on a high note!

Olisserie, and tuanone kesho!

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